Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asbestos - February 23rd, 1970

February 23rd, 1970

Dear Diary:

It has taken quite a bit of work, but I have managed to track down an excellent book dedicated to the study of asbestos.  I owe Father’s mechanic a debt of gratitude for introducing me to such a miracle substance.  It truly is wonderful.  Dear diary, did you know that asbestos is basically fireproof?  That it stops electricity dead in its tracks?  And, that it is affordable?  Holy kittens is it ever affordable!  The only weakness I can see is that the source of this holy miracle resides deep in the heart of Quebec.  Hopefully the lord blesses us with a further bounty of Asbestos closer to home.   People really need to hear about this Asbestos.  I set up an information booth at school today and was handing out leaflets to interested students.  I was only able to give away three of them, and one of those was to Jorge, the exchange student from Bolivia who does not speak English, but I think that I made a large impact on the other two students.  Tomorrow I will start a petition and insist that all floor coverings and walls throughout the school contain an adequate amount of Asbestos.

Mrs. Sharples has refused my request to manufacture phosphates as a class project.  I am a bit worried about what I will do in the future for laundry detergent.


Added April 22nd, 2012

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