Thursday, April 12, 2012

Union Troubles - March 25th, 1970

March 25th, 1970

Dear Diary:

The US Postal strike is still going.  My X-Ray Spectacle situation does not look good.

I've looked in to these so-called "Unions", or "Labour Unions" as some people call them.  Did you know that any Union has a right to arbitrarily grind a business to a halt through a self-serving strike?  They can just call a vote, decide not to come in to work the next day and victimize business owners and the public.  It's unfair, undemocratic and unconscionable!  I'm surprised it is not Unconstitutional as well.

Luckily, one Richard M. Nixon is on the case.  He's talking about calling in the army to keep the Post Offices running.  What a visionary.  I wish that our country had this kind of leadership.  It is strong and decisive and I think things will work out well for the United States under this man.

I have started with inquiries at local business establishments as to whether or not they have workers that are members of Unions.  I am not certain what my best course of action will be, as boycotting these businesses with do nothing but further victimize the poor owners.  The problem goes much deeper than I had first expected.


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