Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Maple Leafs - March 30th, 1970

March 30th, 1970

Dear Diary:

All anybody can talk about today is the Maple Leafs.  First off, why does everybody care so much about hockey?  Do they not understand that it is just a children’s game played by men?  A tool by which rich businessmen pry dollars away from starry-eyed working stiffs and that the government uses to stoke national pride and keep the citizens beer filled and oblivious? Who cares that the Maple Leafs did not make the playoffs?  This is a game of averages.  It has been only three years since Toronto triumphed and won this “Stanley Cup”.  Yes, six teams have been added, but the Maple Leafs still possess a one-in-twelve chance of victory.  Greater, even, as these new teams will bumble along with years of mediocrity.  Fear not minions, your hockey team will triumph again within a few years time.  It is inevitable.

US Postal workers are still on strike.  I still do not have my X-Ray Spectacles.  Unbelievable.


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