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The Beatles - April 11th, 1970

April 11th, 1970 

Dear Diary, 

Suzie Carmichael was crying at school yesterday.  When I asked her what was wrong she said "They broke up.  The Beatles broke up."  I did not now what she was speaking of so I asked her what she meant.  "The Beatles!  The Fab Four!  They're breaking up." I was taken aback and her forceful tone added to my confusion."Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Chopin?", I asked.  She stared at me like I was an imbecile and started to walk off.  I attempted to cover my faux pas with a playful chuckle.  I called her back and said "Oh!  The Beatles!  I love the Beatles.  That is too bad.  I am upset by their impending break-up as well."  She asked me what my favourite Beatles song was.  I panicked and told her "Peggy Sue".  She ran away crying.  I did not follow.
I do not understand this fascination with "popular" music.  There is absolutely no question that I would take a nice Sonata over a "rock" song, any day of the week.  Indeed, one more hippie band calling it quits is a reason to cheer.  In celebration, I spent an extra half hour doing scales and arpeggios on the piano tonight.  Proper technique and fingering is the foundation for truly great music, not long hair and shouting.

Israel bombed Egypt a few days ago.  A few extra people died, but good for them for taking the initiative to head off future threats.  This is strong leadership.  I must say that this Golda Meir fellow is a strong candidate to replace Mr. Nixon as my new favourite World Leader.

The Postal Strike finally ended last week.  My X-Ray Spectacles should be here any day! 


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