Sunday, April 8, 2012

Apollo 13 - April 14th, 1970

April 14th, 1970 

Dear Diary,

You know that I'm not one to get excited about space travel (too flashy), but I must say that this Apollo 13 accident really has moved me.  These brave men most likely will not see their way back to Earth.  And for what?  So that we can bring back a few more moon rocks?  This is such a waste of money and of human life.  This money and these lives could have been used for much better purposes.  Like mining asbestos.  Or stopping communism.

Regardless, I am so upset that I will not be able to practice the piano this evening.  I will work on a miniature shrine to celebrate these marvelous human beings instead.

Even worse, still no X-Ray Spectacles. 


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