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Valentine's Day - February 17th, 1970

February 17th, 1970

Dear Diary:

The Government announced today that they are banning phosphates from laundry detergent.  This is outrageous!  We have a we have a a duty to use as many phosphates as humanly possible.  Don’t they know where phosphates come from?  They come from phosphorous.  Don’t they know where phosphorous comes from?  It comes from the ground.  Don’t they know where stuff from the ground comes from?  It comes from God.  If God put phosphorous in the ground then gosh darn it, we’re meant to use phosphorous.   Who cares if algae takes over?  If god wants algae to take over, algae is going to take over!  This is an unacceptable intrusion on my rights as a Canadian citizen.

In preparation, Father and I went down to Sears today and bought 200 pounds of phosphate intensive laundry detergent.  I will ask Mrs. Sharples tomorrow about the possibility of manufacturing our own phosphates as a class project.  I would be much more comfortable if I knew that we would be able to re-phosphate the de-phosphated laundry detergent of the future.

It was Saint Valentine’s Day on Saturday.  We did not have class so I went by Suzie Carmichael’s house to drop off her Valentine.  It had a picture of a monkey on it and the monkey was saying “I’m Wild For You!”  This was not quite the sentiment I was hoping to express but it was the only card available that did not contain a bad pun.  On the inside I wrote “Forever Yours.  Stephen.”  I hid in the bushes for a while, then I stuffed it underneath the doormat, rang the doorbell and ran as fast as I could down the street.  Suzie didn’t make eye contact with me all day today, so I think she must have received it.  I am still awaiting her reply.


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