Friday, April 13, 2012

Bad Things Happen - March 18th, 1970

March 18th, 1970 

Dear Diary:

The worst possible thing has happened today.  US Postal Workers went on strike.  This means that I will not be receiving my X-Ray Spectacles within the allotted 4-to-6 week time frame.  It will take much longer.  I will not be able to execute my home asbestos installation project as quickly as possible.  It is completely unfair that a group of people could deprive me of my right to receive mail by going on strike.  What makes them think that they can do this?  I hope that somebody can step in and clean this situation up quickly and efficiently.  My safety depends on this.

I may have to get a new piano teacher.  Miss Beadle is forcing me to learn a bunch of modern "popular" music.  She has forced George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" upon me.  I can't imagine what she will have me learning next.  Jazz?  Rock and Roll?  This music has no place on a piano.


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